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Bank Credit Card ABS - Securitization.Net
Credit Card ABS, particularly floaters, have provided investors with a stable performing, defensive instrument during a period of high market volatility and .

JP Morgan Global ABS/CDO Weekly Market ... - Securitization.Net
are presently in that make a credit card floater at Libor+5 look awfully attractive. We remain puzzled that in the face of the various. “earnings” news, ABS still .

Consumer ABS Market Update
Jan 18, 2011 . 2010 total consumer asset-backed security (ABS) supply ended up at $105 . Credit card floaters continued to trade very well on the back of .

Overview of ABS Portfolio Management
authorities have used ABS in this way. The extraordinary credit quality and liquidity of the most commoditized ABS. (credit card floaters especially) provides a .

Industry Justifies Higher Rates

Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)- An Overview; ABS Market and ...
Asset-backed securities ( ABS ) are securities like bonds that pay periodic interest until . Common sponsors include banks, finance companies, and credit card issuers. . securities pay either a fixed rate of interest or a floating rate ( floaters).

Auto-Loan Issuers Steering Toward Floaters - Asset Backed Alert ...
Sep 30, 2011 . ABS Asset Backed Security - Asset Backed Alert offers the latest . would invest in floaters backed by credit cards or home-equity loans, but .

ABS Spread Reports (examples)
We also include secondary floater spreads for RMBS, Autos,. Leasing, Credit card, SME CLO, Italian public sector ABS, CMBS and WBS securities. Additionally .

Asset-backed securities - Bogleheads
Jan 30, 2012 . Floaters: Some ABS debt issues (such as auto loans and credit card receivables) have a floating interest rate linked to an outside index such as .

Some Lawmakers Outraged

Fixed Income Securities, Loans and Derivatives
ABS. Home Equity; Credit Cards; Auto Loans; Student Loans; Reverse Mortgages. CMBS Structured Notes. Callable Cap Floaters; Range Notes; Prepay-linked .

How are ABS Structured?
Prepayment risk is a key consideration with such ABS, although the rate of prepayment may . Revolving debt (primarily credit card receivables, but also HELOCs, trade . Floaters. In recent years, a growing number of issues—backed both by .

Securities Operations Forum - Training
Collateralized Debt Obligations and Credit Default Swaps (CDOs and CDS) . related ABS (e.g. HELs - home equity loans backed securities) as well as credit card . accrual/z-bond, PACs, TACs, floaters and inverse floaters) and distinguish .

Appendix II: ABS payment structures.—A Primer | Securitization ...
Controlling prepayment risk is the prime concern with ABS structures of this kind, . assets in the reference portfolio, i.e. revolving debt (such as credit card receivables, trade . Hence, so-called floaters represent maturity structures of ABS with .

Mortgage-Backed Securities
MBS conduits address credit risk on nonagency MBSs by providing credit . Prepayment tranches (sequential-pay, PACs, notional interest-only (NIO), floaters , etc.) . In structuring an ABS secured by credit card receivable, the issuer often sets .

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Developed trade accrual calculator across product types (Floaters, IAM, Amortizers with . Credit Card Back Securitization - ABS - Pass Thru Super Trust deals .

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